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We want to help you find your next Diesel (or gas) Truck. This website will give you access to several dealerships, which have lots of trucks available to purchase.  Most of the dealers all provide service and finance.

When filling out the contact form try to fill out the 
type of truck you are looking for, ie  Chevy, Ford, Dodge or Toyota if you could include the model and stock number if it's one of the trucks one of the dealers have in stock.   These dealers are capable of getting the type of truck that you desire, so if you include that information they will do their best.  Also give me the name of the dealership you are interested in working with.  We will pass the contact form on to the dealer as quickly as possible.  Each dealership has a finance form which can be used from the dealer page.
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3 things you should know before you purchase a diesel truck

How to pick the dealership for your next vehicle

3 things to be aware of before you purchase your next truck

After working with dealerships in the New England area for over 22 years there are a few things that I have learned about the various dealers and their dealerships.

1. The dealers that I work with have spent many years working on their trade, ie. selling you and many other customers the vehicles that you drive.  They work hard to get the right vehicle to start with by that I mean if you start with a quality vehicle the customer buys a better vehicle as a whole.

2.  The more time taken to get the right vehicle means less time trying to fix that vehicle before it can be sold. The less time,  repairs and parts needed means tr a better vehicle for less money. 

3.  The better quality vehicle normally means it will initially cost you more to purchase but the trade off can mean more years of use and longevity.
Top 5 trucks that could get 400,000 miles
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In today's busy world the need for trucks, all types of trucks has been staying some what stable.  When I was a kid growing up you could go all days a see one or two small trucks.  The two major brands were Ford and Chevrolet, people didn't own trucks for personal use it was mainly because they own a farm or delivery business.  Of course all of that has changed over the last 20 years, owning a truck is like owning a bigger family vehicle.  The truck moves the family and delivers the packages to the UPS store.  Diesel trucks make up about 3 percent of passenger vehicle sales and around 13 percent for pickups.  Over the last couple years I think the market has move towards SUV's / Crossover but that a guess on my part.  So if you are looking for that used truck take a look these dealers may have what you've been looking for.
Errors on vehicles, price or other information is not the fault of the dealers or the website itself.  Contact the dealership for any information that you are seeking.  You may leave a message for the website at the Contact Us page.